ICMF 2019
MAY 19 – 24, 2019
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
ICMF 2019
MAY 2019
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil
ICMF 2019
10th International Conference on Multiphase Flow
10th International Conference on Multiphase Flow


We are pleased to welcome you to the next International Conference on Multiphase Flow - ICMF. The 10th ICMF will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from May 19 – 24, 2019 at Windsor Barra Hotel, and will be devoted to all aspects of Multiphase Flow. Experts and professional researchers from all over the world will attend and make presentations of their research results and recent advancements. It will be a great opportunity to share and promote the exchange of new ideas, results and techniques, but also to extend social networking.

The first edition of ICMF was held in Tsukuba (Japan) in 1991. The second edition took place in Kyoto (Japan) in 1995. During this conference, it was decided to establish an International Governing Board which oversees the major aspects of the conference and makes decisions about future conference locations. Due to the great importance of the field, it was furthermore decided to hold the conference every three years successively in Asia including Australia, Europe including Africa, Russia and the Near East and America. Since the first edition ICMF has grown into the largest conference in the field of multiphase flow.

List of past ICMF

Firenze (Italy)
A. Soldati (Chairman)

Jeju (Korea)
M.H. Kim (Chairman)

Tampa (USA)
J. Sinclair Curtis and S. Balachandar (co-Chairmen)

Leipzig (Germany)
M. Sommerfeld (Chairman)

Yokohama (Japan)
Y. Matsumoto (Chairman)

New Orleans (USA)
E. Michaelides (Chairman)

Lyon (France)
J. Bataille and R.J. Perkins (co-Chairmen)

Kyoto (Japan)
A. Serizawa, T. Fukano and J. Bataille (co-Chairmen)

Tsukuba (Japan)
G. Matsui and A. Serizawa (co-Chairmen)